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Stubborn: "the persistent denial and or refusal to accept the inevitable situation that unavoidably seems to be a prophetic declaration and/or presumably predetermined act of fate."



Alicia Irwin was born in Lancaster, Pennsylvania in 1985. As a child, she was always drawing. However, it wasn’t until middle school that art became something more than just a way to pass the time. Three years at Millersville University gave Alicia the elements and principals of art and design that she weighs carefully with each piece from start to finish. 

Specializing in mediums consisting of both graphite and charcoal, she renders objects in a hyperrealistic state. Often times mistaken for photographs, with haunting beauty, and striking precision, the application of graphite and charcoal is applied in a 3-phase layering process. 

The development of her own process, and application techniques, allow her to capture the subject matter in such meticulous and, some would say, obsessive detail, rending a vivid, true-to-life, 2-dimensional image. But there is real delicacy in her conscious planning and execution while maintaining the utmost care to retain the objects visual and historical integrity.